Magnetic Self Sealing
Auto Close

Refill in 1 Second
Easy To Use

Reuse Over 1,000 Times

Food-grade Silicone

Reusable, Self-Sealing Water Balloons that Kids Love!

Abandoning traditional water balloons, Come with Soppycid Magnetic Self-Sealing Reusable Water Balloons to have a fun time!

✅ Reuse Over 1,000 Times
✅ Quick and easy refill in 1 Second
✅ Leak-proof before the water fight starts
✅ Multiple plays, unlimited Fun
✅ Say no to broken water anywhere

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Traditional Water Balloons
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Traditional Water Balloons
Water Splash Balls
Reuse 1,000 Times
Refill in 1 Second
Fast Clean up
No Leak
Soft and Patterned


SOPPYCID are the world's first magnetic reusable water balloons that you can use over and over again. No more tying, twisting or picking up broken balloon pieces because SOPPYCID water balloons are super fun and easy to use! Just place them in a bucket of water and they automatically fill and snap shut. Then they burst open on impact. But don't worry, once they pop, just pick it back up and place it back into the water again. Invite your friends to endless water balloon games, cool off over summer, use them in the pool for an epic family duel and so much more!


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Need reassurance? See what the Soppycid customer is saying. Then, choose an Soppycid reusable water balloons in confidence.

Fun for ALL ages!

Gregory Blake - 08/21/2022


Very easy to use and fun to play with. Great for baths or outside. Thank you!


Robert Lynn - 06/18/2022


These were awesome! No more running around picking up broken pieces of balloons all over the yard!

Innovative & fun!!

Kim Larson - 07/14/2022


These reusable water balloons are innovative, environmentally friendly and brought our girls hours and hours of entertainment this summer!!