Welcome to Soppycid

Our Vision

We envision every household freely enjoying the pleasure of water play, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. As the joyful magician for every family, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to this vision.

Our Mission

Completely changing the way we experience water fun, Soppycid's innovative products have already created a brand new experience in family water activities. We are committed to helping people easily enjoy water play, creating unforgettable moments while reducing environmental impact, making life more enjoyable, and promoting sustainable environmental conservation.

Our Values

Our products stand apart from traditional disposable water toys as they can be reused, providing long-lasting water fun.


We continuously strives to drive innovation in water fun, redefining the way families experience water activities and providing a unique and enjoyable water fun experience.

Igniting Joy

Our products spark inner joy, turning water activities into delightful creative processes for everyone. We offer hassle-free water fun solutions, saving time and effort.

Relationship Linkages

Our products foster connections within families, promoting social engagement. Connecting People with the Environment, Upholding environmental responsibility, we reduce waste and promote eco-friendly options.


Rooted in innovation, we redefine water fun while minimizing environmental impact. We enhance lives and support sustainability, making every family's life and the Earth more splendid.