New Generation Of Water Balloons

About Soppycid

Leon created Soppycid after 3 years of continuous testing and improvement. The water balloon has received a patent for its invention.
Since its launch in 2022, it has received much praise from its users.

Soppycid Reusable Water Balloon patented design ensures the balloons stay inflated and do not burst until you are ready. Moreover, they are reusable so that you can have fun over and over again.
It is easy for anyone to use. Just fill it with water, tie it off, and start throwing! Soppycid is made of durable materials, making it reusable and a more environmentally friendly option than traditional water balloons.


The Soppycid are the world's first reusable water balloon! Designed to be reused over and over again. Unlike traditional water balloons which leave plastic bits everywhere, our balloons are easy to pick up and leave no mess! We're using upgraded recyclable silicone reusable water balloons self sealing quick fill to keep our fun going, and at the same time, we can help protect the environment from formerly single-use plastic water balloons.


Our vision is rubbish-free water fights for everyone and we want to replace the 1.6 billion single-use water balloons sold annually. As an eco-friendly product, using Soppycid water toys can reduce environmental impact and help save our planet. That's why we've developed Soppycid reusable water balloons! Just dunk, throw and repeat for endlessly fun water fights, with no rubbish to pick up!

Our core value is to create sustainable fun and more wonderful and unforgettable memories.

The Time of Traditional Water Balloons Is Over

Still worry about picking up tons of balloon pieces? Compared with the most disposable water ballons, our reusable water balloon does not need to fill water with a splashing faucet and skip the tying and cleaning hassle. Just sink the balloons into the water, it will automatically inject the water in just 1 second, and it will open automatically when colliding or squeezing. You'll love how pretty and unique the water balloon design is.

Wide Scenarios

Our self sealing quick fill water balloons are versatile. Your family and friends can have a water balloon fight in parent-child activities, family activities, travel beach toys, pool water balloons, beach water polo, adult pool party gifts.


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