About Soppycid

AN eye to the future

Our Vision

We envision every household freely enjoyingthe pleasure of water play, turning ordinarymoments into extraordinary adventures.As the joyful magician for every family,we are wholeheartedly dedicated tothis vision.

education through play

Our Mission

Completely changing the way we experiencewater fun, Soppycid's innovative productshave already created a brand newexperience in family water activities.We are committed to helping peopleeasily enjoy water play, creatingunforgettable moments while reducingthe environmental impact, making lifemore enjoyable and environmentalconservation more sustainable.

Your Ultimate Choice for Water Fun

Our values

Our products stand apart from traditional disposable water toys as they can be reused, providing long-lasting water fun.


Our paramount focus on quality ensures safety and reliability, providing a premium water fun experience.


We continuously strives to drive innovation in water fun, redefining the wayfamilies experience water activities and providing a more unique and enjoyable water fun experience.

Igniting Joy

Our products spark inner joy, turning water activities into delightful creativeprocesses for everyone.

Future Oriented

We care about the environment, use resources responsibly, and focus on how we can contribute to a better future

Our Brand Promise: Trust

Trust is foundational to everything we do. Ourrelationship with our people, consumers, customers.business partners, and communities is built on theirbelief that we will do the right thing and live up to ourcommitments. We take our heritage as a trusted partnerto parents and families very seriously. This requires thatwe act as a responsible corporate citizen, pursuesocial, economic, and environmental sustainability, andpromote diversity, equity, and inclusion. We earn trustby operating with integrity and transparency and beingtrue to our mission and purpose. This is essential forour reputation, competitive advantage, and long-termsuccess.

Product Attributes


We put the consumer experience at thecenter of our innovation by creatingproducts with purposeful play. We focusheavily on how our toys look, how theyfunction, what materials they are made of.and how they are packaged. Ourproducts are designed to deliver on theirpurpose and withstand the test of time.


Our products are designed and developedto meet or exceed all applicable safetystandards and are constructed withconsumer safety in mind. When parentsand families choose to buy our productsthey can be assured that the safety andwell-being of their children is a toppriority.


We create innovative products that areaccessible to many. Our commitment toour consumers is to make theirinvestment worthwhile. We aim to ensurethat parents and families get the mostfrom their play budget by designing andbuilding products that meet theirexpectations at the right cost