Traditional Water Balloons Vs Soppycid

Water balloon fun has never lost its appeal with kids and adults, but these days, being eco-friendly is a big concern. Using the latest technology, now you and your family can have wet and wild fun with Soppycid Self-Sealing reusable water balloons! Here's why:

Why traditional water balloons are bad?

Water balloons that you buy from the store have always been a summertime favorite for everyone who loves water wars. But, there are always a few problems with using them that are a real headache to deal with later. The biggest problem is that natural rubber balloons don't just pop when they hit a target, they burst into smaller pieces. Lots of these little pieces that explode- fly everywhere, and end up all over the ground.

disposable water balloons

If you're a parent, this means you spend more time cleaning up these pieces off the grass or perhaps at the beach where they aren't so easy to find. This is a danger to small animals that could ingest these pieces of rubber thinking they are food. Rubber doesn't degrade so easily and can easily block the intestines of some unlucky animal.

Another downside to traditional water balloons is they are hard to fill up and many of them tend to burst if you overfill them. The hassle of tying them is never easy either and takes a couple of minutes just to fill one single water balloon. Perhaps the worst part is that they'll only be used once, and after that, they're garbage. No matter how cheap a pack of water balloons is, you end up wasting your money each time you buy a new pack.

And though there are new quick-fill balloon packs, you still need a water hose and the leftover plastic waste can't be recycled. With all of these issues, people never consider there is a better way to have fun while being eco-friendly and cost-efficient. That is until now...

What makes Soppycid Self-Sealing Reusable Water Balloons special?

It wasn't too long ago that many innovative businesses were using magnet technology to make our lives better. Today, magnets are used as fasteners for everything around us, especially in our homes including knife racks, kitchen cabinets, clothing, handbags, and even decorative costume jewelry. The list goes on and on, but now- it's been added to water balloons! But that's not all that make reusable water balloons such a fun innovation.

The real magic that makes Soppycid self-sealing water balloons so special is they fill up in seconds. You can dunk them in a water bucket and they reseal immediately. You can literally fill dozens of splash water balloons in under a minute, and they hold the water better than traditional water balloons. This makes them great at the pool, at the beach, in a park, or anywhere you'll love to have an epic water balloon battle.

Soppycid Reusable Water Balloons Features

You'll never need to throw them out afterward, which makes them cost-friendly for years and years of splashy balloon fun. Since these self-sealing water balloons are made from high-grade silicone, they're soft and squishy to the touch. This makes them excellent for water balloon fights since they won't hurt your skin. Another cool thing about self sealing water balloons is they will burst on impact making a big splash when the magnet seal breaks.

There is also a new selection of vivid colors that also give balloon fights more fun rather than the dull pasty colors you get with ordinary rubber balloons. You won't need to worry about latex allergies either because the silicone is 100% skin-safe. Speaking of safe, these next-level self-sealing water balloons are recyclable and compact. You can pack them up easily and take them anywhere you want to cool off with eco-friendly water fun.

Silicone is also easy to clean unlike traditional rubber balloons and rinse off if they get dirty. The best part is they can fill without using a facet or tap. As long as you have a bucket of water to dunk these in, you're ready to enjoy the fun without waiting. You can also save more money without having to keep buying packs of regular balloons. As soon as a reusable water balloon has burst, it's ready to fill again right away. The magnets automatically attach in place- sealing the two halves with very little effort!

Enjoy Summer Water Fights Game with Soppycid Reusable Water Balloons

Compared to traditional water balloons, these updated silicone toys are environmentally safe and easy for little kids to fill without any hassle. You can see even more reasons why these waterfall balls will be a hit with you and your family for years to come.

So if you've been looking to upgrade your water balloon battles, you won't believe how much fun Soppycid reusable water balloons will be for you and your friends.

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