The Last Minute Must-Have Summer Toy

Summer might be coming to an end a lot faster than you might think, but some water toy ideas have a second life outside of their splashy intended use. You might not have thought of refillable water balloons as being an eco-friendly product that makes having them cost-effective in additional ways. Here's why soppycid reusable water balloons are the last-minute must-have toy of summer and more!

Get more from this eco-friendly product design.

Of course, we all love having that epic water bomb fight at the beach, at the pool, or in your backyard during hot and dry days when the heat is at its peak. Did you know that self-sealing reusable water balloons are a completely new water toy that's been sweeping the globe for popularity in recent weeks? The reason is all due to the advanced technology that makes them work better for safer and splashier results.

Magnets are vastly underrated when it comes to kid's products but have found their way into so many uses in the kitchen, in the car, and around the home. They've been used more often to secure one item to another without any snaps, buttons, or hooks and use simple self-sealing properties to securely attach to themselves for eternity. Taking this technology to the next level has now found a new use by being added to super-soft silicone spheres that create self-sealing water balloons.

Skin-safe silicone is 100% non-toxic and will never cause skin allergies, but also can last years while remaining extremely supple and flexible. Unlike natural latex water balloons, exposure to UV sunlight can reduce this material back into a sticky and gooey mess in less than a week. If you've ever had a water balloon fight before, you may have noticed that many pieces of balloon rubber aren't easy to spot and clean up afterwards.

These pieces can end up inside pets, wild animals, and even curious toddlers who try to eat these colorful rubbery bits. The problem is not that they are toxic if they are consumed but represent a danger of intestinal blockage. Cured rubber latex doesn't break down in the stomach and will certainly cause digestive problems for smaller animals and pets. Reusable silicone water balloons are easier to spot and are too big to be swallowed by accident.

selfsealing water balloons

The best part about resealing silicone water bombs is they can be refilled in a small bucket of water and don't require a garden tap to fill them. There is no tying them up to keep the water inside, so all that's needed is folding them together. The magnets seal the rim keeping the water inside. They are strong enough to be tossed or thrown over 10 meters to a target and explode impressively in a waterfall effect.

The silicone compresses and pops open without any skin sting or bruising (like latex water balloons leave) and is highly recommended for little kids who love water balloon games. Even kids who don't have manual dexterity will find that dunking them in water is easier to fill and folding them together is accomplished in seconds! The variety of cool summer colors makes them easier to spot on the grass or in the sand so you don't lose them after playing.

water balloons

Summer is over so what next?

So you have a set or two of self-sealing water balloons that all fit neatly into a storage pouch? Ideally, you'll have to wait until next year to use them... But wait, these little beauties have more use than you might have considered. If you love camping, then you'll find that filling and freezing these will be the ultimate method for getting larger ice cubes for your ice cooler. Use them for fishing, hunting, and camping trips to keep items cool for days.

If you want to go to the beach and decide to keep your Croc Piss or other favourite spirits nice and cool, don't forget that many items from your local BWS would love to know how Soppycid self-sealing water balloons keep spirits cooler when the weather gets hotter. Not only that but resealing water balloons can also float on water if you don't fill them up. You can add LED light decorations that fit inside to make highly decorative pool decorate that is 100% waterproof.

Your kids will completely enjoy using these balloons as toys in the pool and in the tub. They can make impressive bath bomb fizzers that last much longer if you put a fizzing bath bomb inside with a little bit of water. Because the colors are so similar to Easter pastels, these make alternative Easter egg containers that can be safely hidden in your garden for Easter egg hunts.


When it comes to Christmas or outdoor parties, these self-sealing balls can easily snap over any indoor or outdoor string lights to create large illuminated balls that really make your parties feel more colorful and joyful. So what can you think of when using these amazing self-sealing water balloons all year long? We would love to know!

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