5 Best Water Toys for Summer

5 Best Water Toys for Cool Summer Outdoor Fun.

Summertime is full of outdoor water games that little kids love to enjoy. There is something simply magical about splashing water that kids are especially entertained by on hot days. But having just one water activity isn't enough and often it's a slew of splashing games that makes hours of fun possible when kids are enjoying themselves.

If you're a parent that wants to give your children some fun water toys that help to keep them cool in the heat of summer, you'll love what activities we've discovered are the most popular. But when it comes to general safety, we've also included water toys that are a safe bet for splashy effect guaranteed to cool hot kids down under the summer sun.

Reusable Water Balloons

While most of the older kids will love water balloons, it's the younger ones who are still learning how to toss and throw. This can make filling traditional water balloons a real chore for parents despite all of the new multi-balloon bomb fillers that you typically see these days.

This is why it's better to use refillable water balloons that can be used over and over, for little kids who might drop or accidentally break their water balloon. We found a great alternative called Soppycid Self-Sealing reusable water balloons that seal water inside using magnets!

These reusable water balloons are made of super soft silicone and fill up using a bucket full of water instead of a water hose. They're also great for kids who haven't learned to fill those regular rubber balloons and there's no need for tying them up at all, they simply seal together trapping water inside, and are ready to toss.

Little kids can also run up to other kids and squash these refillable water bombs onto other kids with little effort. The best part is that these deliver an impressive cascading splash of water that is safe and incredibly fun for kids of all ages.

  • Toddler Sprinkler

Toddler SprinklerKid sprinklers have come a long way from originally starting out as grass sprinklers as most parents remember. If you want loads of sprinkle fun, you can give little kids as much splash as they can stand. This is why you want something that's also going to keep them safe if you set this up on your front or back lawn.

Here is one toddler sprinkler that is literally a portable fountain you can take anywhere you have access to a water hose. It's a rounded play splash pad that fills will water along the outer ring that creates an entire dome of water in the center of the ring. Kids can run through this or stand inside to get splashed with the spraying water.

Place this ring on your lawn so kids can run through the ring as much as they want all day long. You can also adjust the water spray to control the height of your portable water fountain. You can easily attach of quick connect hose adapter so your garden hose snaps in right away for hours of splashing kid fun.

  • Kid's Sprinkler

Kid's SprinklerIt's only natural that kids like running around outside when it's raining, but when was the last time this ever happens on a hot day? While many sprinklers are spraying water up from the ground, we found one amusing sprinkler that actually rains from an inflatable water arch. The height of this arch is 6 feet tall making it perfect for kids of all ages.

It also can be used in the pool since the arch base can also float on water! Use it for laying a slip-n-slide right through the center or by itself as a neat party decoration. You kids will cheer with delight running through this raining archway sprinkler for many hours. It inflates in minutes using a standard inflatable pump and even comes with tie-down secure ropes.

If you have a kiddie pool, it's big enough to place overhead so kids can enjoy sprinkling water over their heads. It's the perfect solution for creating a magical archway that is intended for summer sprinkle fun.

  • Activity Sprinkler

Activity SprinklerSome sprinklers just don't attract too much attention aside from spraying water up into the air. Here's one outdoor sprinkler that is specially made for toddlers and little kids from 3 to 6 years old that has a captivating unicorn theme. It also rotates in a continuous circle using the natural water hydraulics when connected to a water hose.

It has a built-in hose adapter that connects to any backyard garden hose and securely attaches to the sprinkler in seconds. You can adjust how much water comes out from this yard sprinkler and can even be placed into kiddie pools to create a sprinkling fountain for youngsters.

  • Kid-sized Super Soaker

Kid-sized Super SoakerJust like those water blasting super soakers that were so popular in the early 90s, they never made anything that was ever toddler-friendly. Well, imagine that your little one can have a soft water-filled backpack and blaster wand. It's perfect for little kids from 3 to 5 years of age and holds a little over 2 quarts of water in the backpack.

The blaster nozzle is using a simple (push and pull) pumping motion to squirt water as far as 6 to 8 meters. It's also ideal for smaller kids to learn eye and hand coordination. The backpack straps are fully adjustable so they can fit any size kid up to 5 years old. Parents can relax knowing this water blaster is made with impact-resistant plastic that takes a beating.

It's very easy to refill and allows kids to roam around squirting each other with impressive blasts of water from each pump. It's gentle enough likewise that any water hitting other kids is refreshingly soft but can spray strings of water from across an entire yard. It's the perfect solution for hot days when kids want to wage a water war with each other.

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