6 Reasons Why You Need Soppycid

There are plenty of reasons why outdoor water balloon battles help to keep you cool on hot days, but even more from a practical point of view. Self sealing water balloons have more benefits since they can be reused and are incredibly easy to use. If you loved playing with water balloons as a kid, here are 6 amazing reasons why you need Soppycid self-sealing reusable water balloons.

Reusable Water Balloons Toy

  • Great for the environment

If you haven't noticed, traditional water balloons are a mess for cleaning up. Small pieces of rubber fly everywhere, and searching for little broken bits is a headache afterward. Soppycid splash water balloons have only two connecting pieces that are easy to spot. They can be refilled quickly, or folded together and stashed away in any handy storage bag.

These balloons can be reused without waste and never need to be thrown out for many years. This is a cost-savings over regular rubber water balloons you can reuse for nearly any outdoor water fun activity.

  • Soft and strong balloon design

Soppycid self sealing water balloons are made with super-stretchy silicone rubber, making them tear-resistant and durable. The silicone formulation helps keep its shape when picked up and thrown while the softness is just as gentle when impacting children's skin. These silicone balloons don't impact like rubber water balloons and impact with a big splashing waterfall effect once they reach their target.

Kids love them because they guarantee that they'll get soaked once they burst open, releasing the water inside. Unlike rubber balloon versions, there's no more sting when you get hit, so parents can relax easier when it comes to overall safety.

  • Innovative Self-Sealing technology

Tiny magnets are placed around the rim edges of each balloon half and lock together forming a watertight seal. It takes less than 1 minute to fill and reseal each self-sealing water balloon, making it effective for enjoying water bomb games without waiting. The magnets that are built into the soft silicone material on each side help to secure each half for throwing long or short distances.

Using a patented design, the Soppycid self-sealing water balloon has magnets that are bonded into the silicone and always lock water inside each ball until they reach its target. This further gives kids and adults of all ages plenty of play time without having to worry about stopping water battle games for very long.

  • Attractive soothing colors

The advantage of silicone is that color is bonded into the rubber and never fades as long as you own Soppycid reusable water balloons. These refreshing colors inspire a cooler feeling with shades that are better fitting to water bomb games. You'll instantly appreciate the summertime look of these reusable balls that make great gifts for friends and family.

Each pack hat include a variety of transparent shades that will catch the sunlight, making them easy to spot immediately. Separate colors so teams can decide which color they want to call their own!

  • Multiple activities and uses

You'll be amazed by the diversity of activities and uses these self sealing water balloons can handle. They make an excellent choice for kindergarten splash games and outdoor school fun, while parents will love them at home for backyard water bomb parties. You can take them on vacation or for travel activities wherever water is included.

This makes them perfect for the beach or at the pool, not to forget many water sports like water polo and balloon bomb games. These are also a hit with grown-ups for pool parties and are wonderful for little kids to use bathtub toys. If you like bringing an ice chest, these balloons can be filled with water and frozen to add to your ice chest keeping drinks cold.

Afterward, you can pop out the ice balls to store in a cooler and use these splash water balloons for super-soaking water games.

  • Easy to use for all ages

The best advantage while using these reusable water balloons is how fast and easy they are to fill. Dunking them underwater and folding them together is the easiest method. Adults can quickly refill a burst balloon from a nearby water bucket in seconds. You never have to worry about using a water tap or facet since any container of water is ideal for dipping them into.

Little kids will have no trouble at all filling and sealing these balls together in under a minute. They fold over like a clamshell and snap together where the magnets meet. The seal is so strong they will hold the water inside even when throwing them across the yard or pool without reopening. But once they reach their destination, they splash open with impressive results.

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