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Excellent to keep your kids busy during Bath or summer time. This water bombs fill up with a second and are great fun for kids and adults as well. Good quality material, safe to use. Cool and nevertheless fun. Perfect for gift. Great quality and value for money. Highly recommended

Baby approved!

Baby was scared of water in the past, the toys have been helpful. The toys are entertaining and fit in the palm of his hand. Hoping to take this to his swim class and see if that helps him better. Enjoy his swim lessons.

Toddler loves them

The SOPPYCID Latex-Free Silicone Water Splash Ball has brought a glittering touch to our outdoor activities. With 8 reusable water bomb balloons, these quick-fill water balls are perfect for kids and adults alike. They've added an extra layer of excitement to our parties and outdoor fun.

The latex-free silicone material ensures safety and durability. The glittery design adds a touch of sparkle to our splashing adventures. The reusable nature of these water balls makes them an eco-conscious choice, reducing waste while maximizing fun.

For memorable and refreshing outdoor experiences, the SOPPYCID Silicone Water Splash Ball is a must-have addition to any outdoor activity arsenal.

Great and fun toys

The toys look amazing. They have nice and bright colors.
My baby enjoys them and giggles every time I squeeze the water on him.
Our bath time became more fun.

These are great

Highly recommend these. Theft are so much fun and the whole concept is amazing. No more picking up little pieces of balloons!

Fun summer water balloon activity

The kids love playing with these. They instantly snap together with the magnetic out side. They do not hurt when you are hit with them. They are instantly reusable.

Perfect for little hands

Bought these for my sons pool that we have and it was perfect pool toys for him. Small enough to grab and hold and they were easy to clean and dry once we were done.

Baby approved!

Baby was scared of water in the past, the toys have been helpful. The toys are entertaining and fit in the palm of his hand. Hoping to take this to his swim class and see if that helps him better. Enjoy his swim lessons.

Excellent Water Toy!

This is my kids new favorite water toy! They are so simple to use!
1. Fill bucket with water
2. Drop in Splash Balls (they automatically fill up with water and the magnet hooks the two sides together)
3. Pick up
4. Throw
5. Drop back in water!

I have latex allergies-- and these are perfect! I can play around with the kids. The other best part is that you don't have little tiny pieces of balloons to go around and pick off the ground.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Worth it!

Do you enjoy picking up balloon remnants for an hour after an epic balloon fight? If you're a crazy person that does, this is not for you. If you love spending less time cleaning up, this is it! The silicone has a fun glitter to it that my girls love. I like that you get 8 as well. I know there are several others on the market that only give you 6. Honestly though, even 8 didn't feel like enough with how many people we had. I would recommend buying a few of these so everyone could have 2-3 in hand while playing. Any more than that and I think you'd be dropping or struggling to hang on while you're pelting your nephew with the force of an anime fireball attack. Bottom line, loads of fun, great product, and love no clean-up. Also a bonus, the bag is GREAT! Many other balloons we tried out did not come with the bag.

A+ must have (and easy to clean)

Love these so much. I got them for my Great Grand Kids to play with at the pool this Summer. They both loved them so much. They are so cute and colorful.

Very happy. Will be buying more.

Great! They are not perfect but they work better than regular water balloons without the mess, with easy refilling, and less waste!

Better than expected

Used these with a 6 and 3 year old. Both loved them. Was not concerned with having to throw them too hard. Super easy to use

Fun idea!

Good idea for a sustainable water game. Nice not to have to worry about always having balloons on hand. Fun to fill, and they don't leak!

Magnets sealed!

We've bought a few brands of these because they are fun for kids and adults. This is our favorite brand so far because the magnets are sealed. In the others, when the magnets start to wear out, they fall out and get lost or stick to the opposite side and you have to manually reinsert them, only to fall out again. These stay together well and last longer than competitors we've tried. Highly recommend!

Good idea - will still buy water balloons

OK I was so curious to try these! Took a second to figure out the best rhythm for filling them up and using them. What worked well for us was 5 gallon buckets filled with water for each "team." Overall, they were a blast and had a lot of fun. We did have an incident where one kid accidentally hit another in the face with it. Of course, the magnet/lip closure area is what hit him near his eye so we had some cries but he was ok. It made me a little nervous. They weren't trying to hit faces but things happen when kids get excited! I think we will still buy 'traditional' water balloons for some summer events when we have larger groups but we are hanging on to these. I LOVE that they came with a drawstring bag so I didn't have to think about trying to find a way to store them


To much fun well made I like kids do to thanks

Hours of fun!

These reusable water balloons are so much fun and kept my kids entertained for hours! They are super easy to use. Definitely beats picking up tiny broken water balloons pieces all over the yard! They are magnetically sealed so may not be suitable for small children who put things in their mouths. Also make sure you leave them out to dry completely before storing, as they would be very prone to mold if not fully dried. Overall these water balloons are such a smart idea! Highly recommended

Really fun

Our whole family loves playing with these. We play with them in the pool. Mostly throwing them at a wall and then letting them famm back in the water. They fill right back up and close to throw again. They're made really well and the magnets and plastic seems like they will hold up really well.
Sooooo much better than messy disposable water balloons.

Fun for the whole family

We purchased these this summer and our kids have had so much fun with them. Would highly recommend. Thinking about buying more.

A lot of fun

My 4 and 5 year old love these, had a lot of fun. Easy to use. Haven’t had any issues yet (fingers crossed)

The Perfect Gift for the Warmer Months

We got these as a birthday present for a 6 year old boy. He was able to fill them up himself and had a blast playing with the reusable water balloons over and over again outside and in the bath. His mom also let me know these make for excellent pretend Pokemon balls too.

Great for bath or in grass

My daughters love play with these! Great for kids! They play in the bath and pool. But we have lost a few at a lake because when they’re filled they sink!

Great toy

My kids are love it!
I would say it’s durable, only one did break since they playing with them.
And yes, easy to use, even my 3 years old can handle it.
Only thing, you should be careful with targeting, because it can hit.