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Do you hate how hard it is to make a water balloon? From trying to get it over the hose, to tying it over your fingers. Meet Soppycid Reusable Water Balloons - the easiest, fastest way to have a fun summer!

Soppycid New Generation Of Water Balloons - World's First Magnetic Reusable Water Balloons
This innovative water balloon kit lets you fill the splash water balls in 1 second – all you need is a water source! Begin your water bomb game now!

Self-Sealing Technology

Unique magnetic self-sealing technology means the water ball can refill in just 1 second when immersed in water,no tying hassles about filling the ballons.

Splash Collision will Open

Throw to automatically open when collides.After waiting for the water balls to close, you can throw it directly. Enjoy the happy pool time.

Soft &High Quality Silicon Material

Made of high soft quality and recycled silicon,being reusable it's environmentally safe and safe around animals, stop wasting time cleaning up tiny pieces of rubber.The grenade-like ball's soft skin means it'll explode on contact without injury.

Stylish Appearance

These water balloons are available in orange、blue、green、yellow 、rose red and white clolors, unique contrasting colors and pattern on the ball making them look very beautiful and delicate; Moreover, when you play these balls, they can quickly attract people's attention.

This water balloons is made of safe silicone material, which is very soft. In the hot summer, you can play water polo with your child with confidence, and you can also enhance your relationship with your child.Whether it is a beach pool or a lawn at home, you can play with confidence, because it can be recycled, so you don't have to worry about it polluting the environment.

These water balloons are the perfect prop for an outdoor party, it's a great way to have fun with your friends, and it can be used wherever water is available without the tap.These water polo have multiple colors to choose from, and each color is very good-looking, can be used many times, not easy to damage, and will not pollute the environment, easy to use, and more fun to play.