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Do you hate how hard it is to make a water balloon? From trying to get it over the hose, to tying it over your fingers. Meet Soppycid Reusable Water Balloons - the easiest, fastest way to have a fun summer!

Soppycid New Generation Of Water Balloons - World's First Magnetic Reusable Water Balloons
This innovative water balloon kit lets you fill the splash water balls in 1 second – all you need is a water source! Begin your water bomb game now!


The water balloons are made of high-quality latex-free silicone, Environmentally Safe. Latex-Free for those that are sensitive or allergic to latex. reusable,there are no latex pieces hanging around to endanger the ecosystem. and you will not be troubled by cleaning.

Compared with traditional water balloons, our toys save filling and tying time.Easy to play and have fun in hot summer.Enjoy a lot of fun time outdoors away from screens for adults and kids. Keep the phone down and have a blast playing at the beach, at the house, at the pool etc.

Our water balloons are suitable for most people, Perfect for the whole family and groups to have fun together. These water balloons can be used in pools, swimming pools, beaches or even your summer toys for many occasions. Outdoor development, travel and play, children's play, parent-child activities, etc.