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As the summer season approaches, there are absolutely no ways to enjoy the heat than having a fun water fight. Many individuals find that engaging in these battles with friends and family can be a refreshing activity to help them cope with the intense summer temperatures. However, traditional disposable water balloons can be wasteful and harmful to the environment. That's where Soppycid comes in – the first self-sealing reusable water balloon that has won three prestigious awards – Toyinsider, IF, and Red dot.

Recently, Soppycid has seen a surge in its popularity due to its environment-conscious build and inventive technology. It is made from food-use silicone material, called " ReuseSi", making it completely safe for kids and adults alike. Unlike traditional disposable water balloons, Soppycid can be reused over 1,000 times, which means you'll save money and reduce waste.

One of the most significant advantages of Soppycid is its self-sealing technology, called "MagSeal". This makes it easy to refill in just one second, which means you can have non-stop fun during summer water fights without worrying about wasting time or damaging the environment. Plus, the unique design of Soppycid means that it won't burst or leak, making it perfect for long-lasting water fights.

The Toyinsider award-- "top summer toys", is a significant accomplishment for Soppycid. Toyinsider is a well-known publication that reviews toys and games for kids. It has named Soppycid as one of the top outdoor toys for summer 2022. This is a huge achievement, as Toyinsider has a large following of parents and caregivers who trust its recommendations. Soppycid's recognition by Toyinsider shows that it is a product that is not only fun but also safe and eco-friendly.

The IF award is another prestigious accolade that Soppycid has won. The IF Design Award is an internationally recognized prize for design excellence. This is awarded to products that are unique for their innovative design and exceptional quality. Soppycid was chosen from a pool of more than 9,000 entries from 52 countries. This is a huge honor for the company and its product, as it shows that Soppycid is not only innovative and eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, Soppycid has also won the Red Dot Award for product design. This award acknowledge the best designs worldwide. Soppycid was chosen from more than 7,800 entries from 60 countries. This award is a testament to the innovative design and exceptional quality of Soppycid. It shows that Soppycid is a product that not only stands out for its eco-friendliness but also its exceptional design and quality.


Final Word

In essence, Soppycid has gained traction in recent years, thanks to its innovative design, exceptional quality, and eco-friendliness. Its self-sealing technology and food-use silicone material make it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy water fights without harming the environment. And with the recognition of Toyinsider, IF, and Red dot, it's no wonder that Soppycid has become a popular choice for many people. So, if you're looking for a fun and sustainable way to enjoy water fights this summer, Soppycid is definitely worth considering. Overall, it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable water balloons and has been recognized for its exceptional quality and design.


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